Services, successfully helping people to deal with:


From its weakest to its highest expression,depressive conditions come with different levels of sadness, worthlessness sensations, sleeping inconsistencies, mild or deep loss of interest… and with its treatment, the harm and harshness of the depressed feeling can be healed and improved up to a full liberated and qualitative life

General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Experts in dealing with all its forms and symptoms, we know how to detect and resolve the main cause/s for a life at ease and peace inside yourself and high improvement in your relationship with all environments and diversity of people.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Uncontrollable obsessions with their resulting emotions cause an anxiety that only those who suffered them can understand. Urges, fears and repetitive intrusive thoughts/behaviours distress the person enough to cause the call for help. We want to serve you, and provide that so needed help.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Life events can come with a level of impact and difficulty that the organism can find very strenuous to accommodate at the mental and emotional systems. PTSD treatments will not only sooth the flashbacks, insomnia, restlessness and panics, but will connect you to the satisfying normality of a sense of trust in life while integrating all life events and prepare you strongly to face the future


Can cause a lot of damage to our mental, emotional, social and even physical health. The levels of anxiety can weaken our immune system as our positive approach to life. To treat or avoid long term stress experience that can result in other dysfunctions, professional approach is required for an efficient and successful eradication of stress and development of coping stress mechanisms

Emotional Assistance

Many of us are victims of cultural and educational systems that lacked education in recognition and management of emotions. A variety of overwhelming feelings can result from this non developed emotional intelligence, setting anguish and other obstacles in our daily existence. We can provide you with an emotional assistant that will guide your therapeutical process of self-development hand by hand through the practice of emotional awareness and intrapersonal/interpersonal emotional techniques.

Grief & Trauma

Loss, illnesses, abrupt changes and other intense normal life circumstances provoke deep high emotional reactions that might need an extra support in order to navigate them as smoothly and resolutely as possible. We can help you in the moving through the grief thick waters to end in emotional success and peaceful freshness.

Social Problems

As social creatures, our micro and macrosystems demand upgraded versions of ourselves and surpassing efficiently our own limitations (something that only our decision end commitment to ourselves will allow). To overcome social phobia or anxiety,improve interpersonal skills and enhance social performance: Grouptherapy; family therapy; couple therapy are very highly effective interventions. that mediate needs, put standpoints into perspective and find the lost harmony and common goals. Working with one individual means executing a peresonal therapy.where we intervene in the key personal aspects of the subject to ensure self-growth based on confidence and self-esteem that guarantees connection with the highest power and lost of the fear to society´s assessment.


The inability to stop misusing a substance or stopping an addictive behaviour even though is causing psychological and/or physical harm is a human weakness that can be perfectly overcome and lead to great strength and empowerment. Let us help you evolving in the rich path of becoming stronger that the addiction.

Eating Disorders

The persistent, distributive thoughts, emotions and behaviours associated with the dysregulation of these three human aspects can bring severe dissatisfaction and conflictive status. Brain balance, intention and practical psychological intervention save physical, mental and emotional misalignment.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Nowadays attention and focus on body image and appearances unavoidably lead to self-image distortion. This disorder comes with a deep sense of embarrassment, shame, anxiety… that interfere negatively in our joy of life and social interactions. Help is necessary in order to understand the deeper roots in self-esteem, appreciation and management of awareness

Personality Disorders

Just being, in today’s society, is not an easy task. PD are long term patterns of behaviours and inner experiences that cause a dysfunction in social exchange, because the manifestations of personality do not match culture expectations or allow people to connect. Dependency, narcissism, social avoidance, antisocial tendencies… are expressions of an inner unbalance that can be restored to balance with psychological treatment and interventive help