Dr. Hassan AlMousawi PhD in

Counselling and Psychological Counselling from the University of Birmingham, UK, in 1991. He is Associate Professor of the Public Authority for Applied Education, College of Basic Education. He is also one of the few pioneers to direct a psychological and social consultation office dedicated to mental health services in Kuwait. As a committed counsellor, his expertise resides in treating psychological disorders (anxiety, panic disorder, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar personality, marital & sexual problems and so on); that triumphantly improve through the sincere application of counselling as an holistic method.

Dr. Afrah Saleh obtained a PhD degree in Psychological Counselling in 2011. She is a part time trainer at Ibn Al-Haytham Centre. She has taught several psychology courses at Kuwait University, OAU and PAAET since 2015. She mainly works in the Counselling field at Dr. Hassan AlMousawi Psychological Centre since 2012. With remarkable experience and skills, Dr. Afrah has proven to identify and treat disorders of diverse levels with outstanding results.

Ms. Macarena Arráez Marcos

has two master degrees in Neuropsychology, Multiple Intelligences, Mindfulness and Professional Training. She is an active practitioner of Psychological, Emotional, and Spiritual Counselling. She is an instructor at Marbella University, Schellhammer Business School, in the Psychology Department, Spain, and her professional implication facilitates very favourable personality developments.